Board of Directors

Marissa Poppens
Founder & Executive Director

As a multi media digital artist Marissa is always creating projects. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and experienced the everyday challenges of having MS. Seeing how people with MS were not able to thrive with the way insurance, medical, and employers handled MS. In 2016 She started MSterious Miracles to help the MS community thrive. She has a love for film, video games, and the Ninja Turtles.


Jason Beyer

Jason Beyer has been with MSterious Miracles since 2016. He does illustrations for children's books, murals, and recently started Gallery On The Go Gallery On The Go offering guided paint parties. Jason does the graphics and marketing for MSterious Miracles. He is a Pastor at Elevation Christian Church in Aurora, CO. He enjoys fishing, sports, and karaoke. This organization means so much to him because he has close friends with MS. MSterious Miracles allows him the opportunity to help change lives and be part of something bigger than himself.


Jono Parker
Director of Development

Colorado native, Jono love's to enjoy the amazing things Colorado has to offer by getting off road to find an adventure or taking a ride on his motorcycle. Working full time in fitness sales for Peloton, and the Next Gen Pastor at Elevation Christians Church in Aurora.
I believe it is so important to help people see the power and hope available in their lives, and that is why I love what MSterious Miracles brings to the MS community.


Mark Fechtig
Projects & Service Director

Mark has spent 30 years in the fire service as an investigator for the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April of 2006. After moving to Colorado in 2017 he got involved with MSterious Miracles. Mark enjoys the outdoors through camping, fishing, and shooting ranges. He understands and has experienced first hand the needs people with MS face. My goal is to help people live with the “new normal” that they have in living with MS.




Marsha Taylor